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Subscription Gifts - £9.99/month! - Triassica Dinosaur Fossils
Subscription Gifts - £9.99/month! - Triassica Dinosaur Fossils

Subscription Gifts - £9.99/month!

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30-day returns guarantee - you're covered!

Got a dinosaur fan to buy for? Want to finally tick their name off your list of people to buy for and get on with the rest? Don't want to risk a 'scientific correctness' debate of feathers vs scales, colour vs camouflage etc instead of celebrating? Want a gift that is truly unique and available nowhere else?

Good news! You're on the right page...

The lucky recipient will be blown away by our 100% scientifically accurate collection of breathtaking claws and teeth from the most popular dinosaurs of all time.

Each replica is made from home friendly, non-toxic and odourless materials, cast under extreme pressure to reveal every detail of the original fossil or reproduction, then meticulously hand painted by skilled artists, all from our rural UK studio where we have traded genuine dinosaur fossils and replica since 2003.

Why Replicas?

Quite simply because genuine, well preserved dinosaur fossils are rare, very expensive, and extremely fragile, not to mention totally irreplaceable. Many enthusiasts also believe that genuine fossils should be on display for public enjoyment, or with the scientific community for research and study purposes.

Our replicas have been acknowledged for their excellence worldwide by museums and educational establishments, most recently we have supplied specimens to the following establishments;

  • The Dinosaur House Museum, New Zealand
  • The Sesula Mineral & Gem Museum, Canada
  • Tochigi Musem, Japan
  • Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, Brazil
  • BBC Worldwide (TV series), England, UK
    Plus many more!

Make it Personal

You can make your gift extra personal by leaving a personalised message when you checkout with us.  We won't simply print it on an invoice, we'll print your message on premium weighted paper for an extra personal touch. 

Strictly hidden prices tags too, we'll keep your spending discreet and will not include paper invoices when we send out replicas, instead we'll email you your receipt so the recipient will be none the wiser.

We offer a comprehensive 30-day returns guarantee, that means that if for any reason you want to return any items back to us then you've got a whole month to do so with no hassle, that's because we're here to make dinosaur enthusiasts happy!

The Choices

The Extreme Collection - 12 months - 10% OFF RRP
7 teeth and 6 claws including 3 giant teeth.  All of the most famous, fearsome dinosaurs to have existed.  The list below is the order that they will be sent month by month (click each to see further details);

  1. 4 Inch Megalodon tooth - largest shark in history
  2. 4 Inch T.Rex tooth
  3. Gigantic Utahraptor claw
  4. Spinosaurus tooth*
  5. Deinonychus (raptor) claw
  6. Triceratops tooth
  7. Huge Mapusaurus tooth with root
  8. Velociraptor claw - of Jurassic Park fame
  9. Raptor claw - as yet unidentified raptor species
  10. X-Large T.Rex tooth with root
  11. Oviraptor claw
  12. Mighty 6 inch Megaladon tooth

* The Spinosaurus tooth has been replaced with a similar tooth than pictured, it is slightly larger and is a cast of a genuine fossilised tooth.

The Mega Collection - 6 months
3 teeth and 3 claws including some of the most famous dinosaurs.  The list below is the order that they will be sent month by month (click each to see further details);

  1. 4 Inch Megalodon tooth - biggest shark of all time, 3x larger than a Great White Shark.
  2. 4 Inch T.Rex tooth
  3. Raptor claw
  4. Gigantic Utahraptor claw
  5. Spinosaurus tooth* - largest carnivore on land
  6. Velociraptor claw - of Jurassic Park fame


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