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T.Rex Skeleton (Junior) - Triassica Dinosaur Fossils
T.Rex Skeleton (Junior) - Triassica Dinosaur Fossils
T.Rex Skeleton (Junior) - Triassica Dinosaur Fossils
T.Rex Skeleton (Junior) - Triassica Dinosaur Fossils

T.Rex Skeleton (Junior) Replica Fossil

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This is our finest showstopper - a life size replica of a baby T.Rex skeleton.

At approximately 2 years old this has to be the most terrifying toddler ever but make to mistake, it was still a huge dinosaur to encounter at over 12ft (3.6m) long and brandishing 66 teeth.

We spent over 6 months creating this awesome display piece, the level of detail is quite incredible and is of museum quality by far, indeed this skeleton was purchased by 2 independent museums during its inception.

Fresh from our workshop in the UK a mounted skeleton will stand 6ft tall at the hip, ideal for giving you a snarly kiss with its bone-crunching mouthpiece!  The vintage style mounting pole is secured to a rugged solid wood base with 2 pairs of castor wheels to make positioning your skeleton a breeze.

Unmounted options will not include the base nor mounting pole.  If you would like to add this option please contact us.

Raw Casts are unmounted skeletons that are fresh from our moulds and will require the removal of any flashing, trimming of sprues/vents, and repair of minor casting issues.  We will cast pieces in black resin, the depth of colour may vary from piece to piece and therefore an application of paint may be necessary.

Lead Times

The production time for all variations of this skeleton is 16-20 weeks.  It is a testing feat to create such a stunning specimen that is rarely available and certainly unavailable at such an incredible price, you should be in no doubt that your wait will be well worthwhile!

Please note: Unless we are preparing a skeleton to mount ourselves it is very difficult to advise on the true safety of a mounting style, therefore the mounting of any unmounted or raw cast skeletons is completed at your own risk.  Mounted skeletons purchased with us are unaffected by this.

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