Bambiraptor Skeleton
Bambiraptor Skeleton
Bambiraptor Skeleton
Bambiraptor Skeleton
Bambiraptor Skeleton
Bambiraptor Skeleton
Bambiraptor Skeleton
Bambiraptor Skeleton

Bambiraptor Skeleton

£ 999.99

30-day returns guarantee - you're covered!

This is Triassica's newest skeletal reconstruction exhibiting superb anatomical accuracy, glorious display presence, and an exceptional value found in no other place on the market.

Bambiraptor is compact in size making it the simplest to accomodate at home and the easiest display of many skeletons to acheive at home without needing to disrupt your household routine while you shop for and purchase additional furniture followed by a re-arrangement your current furniture layout.

Don't be fooled by the compact nature of Bambiraptor for it still derives from arguably the most terrific, awe-inspiring species of predators to have roamed the pre-historic era.  With a full set of teeth and sharp claws, this skeleton is certain to blow away any visitor.

The beautifully articulated and life-like pose is a true rarity, and can only be found elsewhere for many more thousands of dollars than Triassica.

Our original reconstruction of this skeleton was meticulously crafted following extensive research, paying close attention to the latest scientific descriptions available.  Every care has been taken to accurately reflect the true texture and definition of a genuine fossilised skeleton for your ultimate viewing pleasure.

Each skeleton is made professionally by hand using precision moulds and subjecting casts to extreme pressured environments to reveal every detail of the master skeleton with absolutely zero tolerance for any unsightly or inconspicuous defects that are commonly exhibited by other replica fossils where such scrutiny of detail is not of paramount concern.

Your skeleton will be a hand-crafted masterpiece in its own right and as such requires time and patience to perfect.  Please allow up to 10 working days to complete any skeleton including a raw cast option.

Approximate Dimensions (mounted)

Length: 100cm  Width: 40cm  Height: 70cm
Length: 39in  Width: 15in  Height: 27in

Further Information

A mounted skeleton will be largely pre-assembled with a few simple push-fit pieces to mount upon the included base and support.

An unmounted skeleton will have fewer pre-assembled parts, for example the pelvis and femur construction will be as one piece.  These are not impossible to separate should you wish to do so.  No base or mounting materials are included.

Raw Cast (DIY choice) is the same as an unmounted skeleton with the exception that no post-casting cleanup has been performed, therefore the cleanup of flashing and minor repair work is necessary.  This is a very popular option for enthusiasts without a budget suitable for a fully articulated skeleton.

What is a Rush Order?

At Triassica we only have so many hands and so much time.  Orders are managed on a first come first served basis production queue.

As a rush order, your order will be scheduled ahead in the queue and fulfilled without disruption to our other customers by working overtime at a charge of +20% of the price of your skeleton.  This is a premium service, note that if we are handling other rush orders then your order will follow as soon as the existing rush orders have been completed.

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