Deinonychus Raptor Skeleton
Deinonychus Raptor Skeleton Replica - Triassica Dinosaur Fossils
Deinonychus Raptor Skeleton

Deinonychus Raptor Skeleton

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Own your very own life-size Raptor!

Our Deinonychus skeleton is perfect for any enthusiast, professional or commercial client!  Deinonychus was a vicious, carnivorous Raptor that tore in to it's prey with it's famous 'terrible claw'.  It is a spectacular sight when mounted spanning 3.4m (11ft) from snout to tail tip!

Each replica is made to order, Deinonychus is our most popular and the current turnaround time is approximately 28 days.  Our mounted option is a simple push-to-fit assembly and comes with a light wood base. It is also available as DIY skeleton.

"This is the best skeleton of all, the end result is simply astounding, I'm so pleased that we can offer a replica of this calibre without breaking banks!" - Mike, Owner @ Triassica

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